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18 Limited Edition bottlings. 18 masters of their craft.
100 years of a seminal moment in literature.

Ulysses Whiskey x Art

Become a patron of Ulysses Whiskey x Art and claim your episode of history in the making.

Join the Journey

18 whiskeys, over 18 years, named for the 18 episodes of James Joyce’s ULYSSES
Join the journey

An Opus Whiskey Project

An international collaboration of artisans, coming together to create a compendium of works, where the sum is greater than its parts.

This is a coming together of master distillers and a literary masterpiece, resulting in a collection of 18 rare and highly collectable whiskeys. Inspired by each of the 18 Episodes of Ulysses, every one is a work of art, its brushstrokes the super-premium spirits hand-selected from our exclusive partner distillers.

In joining this journey, you’re entering a portal of discovery where the world of art, rare whiskey and literature collide, making you part of an exclusive community united by a shared passion, giving you ownership of something truly unique, and celebrating 100 years of a seminal moment in literature.

How it works
Start your own tradition

Start Your Own Tradition

Collect your unique bottle in person and join us at our partner distillers to celebrate Bloomsday during the next 18 years.


For many of us the past couple of years were a collection of, as Joyce put it, “Moanday, Tearday, Wailsday, Thumpsday, Frightday, Shatterday”. All of you who join us on the journey of Ulysses Whiskey x Art will be part of an exclusive community. Every year for the next 18 years we will bring you together in new surroundings, to celebrate Bloomsday with us and our partner distillers, making lasting memories, and nurturing friendships for life.

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Artisan Distillers

Celebrating Joyce's legacy of multiculturalism, collaborative approach to the creative process and challenging of norms.

Ulysses Whiskey x Art is an international collaboration of distillers and artists, united to create a unique collection of rare whiskeys. We are bringing together Irish, Italian, Swiss, French, German, Czech, English, Scottish, Japanese, Indian, Norwegian, American distillers and more to create a unique collection of 18 Limited Editions. Each artisanal distiller is responsible for one Episode: one whiskey, one year. 


This is our collective magnum opus in honour of Joyce, where the sum truly is greater than its parts.

During the course of the coming weeks, months and years we will be announcing new collaborations with distillers, authors, poets, performers, theatres, film-makers, musicians and more.

Ulysses Whiskey x Art is an odyssey. Join us.