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Release date: June 16th 2035



Scene: The Tavern

Hour: 5pm

Organ: Muscle

Colour: -

Symbol: Fenian

Art: Politics

Technic: Gigantism


Episode Storyline and Characters

This chapter is narrated by an unnamed denizen of Dublin who works as a debt collector. The narrator goes to Barney Kiernan's pub where he meets a character referred to only as "The Citizen". This character is believed to be a satirisation of Michael Cusack, a founder member of the Gaelic Athletic Association. When Leopold Bloom enters the pub, he is berated by the Citizen, who is a fierce Fenian and anti-Semite. The episode ends with Bloom reminding the Citizen that his Saviour was a Jew. As Bloom leaves the pub, the Citizen throws a biscuit tin at Bloom's head, but misses. The chapter is marked by extended tangents made in voices other than that of the unnamed narrator: these include streams of legal jargon, a report of a boxing match, Biblical passages, and elements of Irish mythology.


Episode 12, Cyclops // PUNI, Italy's pioneering whisky distillery

Located in the Venosta valley of South Tyrol, just outside the city walls of Glorenza, stands Italy's first whisky distillery. Founded in January 2010 in Glorenza, PUNI distillery is a family-owned business and is run by Jonas Ebensperger and his fiancée Lena. The name of the distillery is derived from the Puni River, which originates in the Ötztal Alps at an altitude of 3,391 meters and flows into the Venosta valley. The ancient Gaelic name of the river establishes a similar connection to the region as the Gaelic names of Scottish whisky distilleries.

Pure alpine water and the valley's versatile climate offer a perfect stage for the grandeur of whisky. A labour of love and admiration for whisky led the Ebensperger family to establish the PUNI Distillery. The distillery's two traditional copper Pot Stills, painstakingly handcrafted and installed under expert supervision, became its beating heart. The distillery resonates with a blend of tradition and innovation, reflected in a design inspired by alpine barn window architectural style.


Jonas Ebensperger, and fiancée Lena, have a vision for Ulysses Whiskey x Art, Episode 12 - Cyclops, due to be released on Bloomsday, June 16th 2035. The limited release of only 2,250 bottles will be a worthy homage to Joyce's Italian experience (1904 - 1920). Trieste was a significant place for Joyce’s personal and professional development. It was here that he developed and honed his craft, drawing on many of the elements and experiences of these years in his own writing. Join our journey and learn more over the coming weeks, months and years how our celebration of Ulysses develops into our own shared odyssey.


Read the full backstory here.



PUNI have won a plethora of awards since their first release in 2015, including 2017 China Wine & Spirits Awards Double Gold, 2016 China Wine & Spirits Awards Gold, 2016 World Whiskies Awards World's Best Design, 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver, 2017 The World Whisky Masters Silver, 2015 IWSC Silver 80 - 85.9 and many more.

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