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Release date: June 16th 2024 - June 16th 2041


We will release 18 limited-edition whiskeys named for the 18 episodes of Ulysses, each June 16th (Bloomsday) during the course of 18 years (2024 - 2041).

We will be decreasing the number of bottles between releases in decrements of 250 (but for the last Episode, which will have only 732 bottles, to correlate with the number of pages in the novel when first published by Shakespeare & Company in Paris, in 1922).

By virtue of the 18th Episode consisting of only 732 bottles, there can only be 732 complete collections of all 18 Episodes; the rarest of collections will have the same bottle number throughout the series.


Only patrons that order the Complete Set have the option to choose the specific bottle numbers throughout the series, e.g. bottle #7 of 732 (while available).

Patrons that wish to collect more bottles after an Episode is sold-out will have an opportunity to do so on the secondary market which we will curate (this is why we ask for your contact details when you register). The more demand there is for this "collection strategy", the higher the price should rise, as a function of supply and demand. We cannot guarantee secondary market prices, but we will be actively encouraging a secondary market.

Complete Set (Episode 1-18)

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